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FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion

Body Lotion
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Product Highlights:

  • Offers long lasting skin hydration
  • Non-greasy
  • Non-comedogenic formulation
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Key Ingredients

  • Shea Butter
  • Linoleic acid
  • Sodium PCA
  • Colloidal Oat meal (Oatsilk)

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FCL Oatsilk Body LotionFCL Oatsilk Body Lotion

Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion benefits the skin by nourishing it and keeping it moisturised. It contains Linoleic Acid, which helps to control acne outbreaks, rebuild the skin's permeability barrier, and keep moisture locked in. It also relieves irritation, keeps skin from drying out, improves skin tone, and feels light on the skin.

Key Uses/Benefits:

  • It is beneficial for nourishing the skin and provides optimal moisturization to the skin.
  • It contains Linoleic acid, which aids in regulating acne breakouts, repairing the skin’s permeability barrier, and locking in the skin’s moisture.
  • It also helps reduce itching, prevents skin from drying, enhances skin tone, and feels light on the face.

How to Use:

Apply a sufficient amount to your skin after shower or bath. Massage gently till it gets absorbed. For the best results, use twice a day, AM & PM.

Safety/Storage Information:

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Yes, Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion is gentle enough for daily use to maintain skin hydration and health.

Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion is formulated to be lightweight and non-greasy, providing comfortable wear throughout the day.

Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion contains Linoleic Acid, which is beneficial for acne-prone skin and helps in maintaining skin barrier function. It may also include other moisturizing and soothing ingredients.

Fixderma FCL Oatsilk Body Lotion is specifically formulated for body use. For facial skin, consider using products specifically designed for facial skin to avoid potential sensitivity or irritation.

Customer Reviews

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Pooja mahli
Excellent moisturizing effect

I have been using this Lotion since last 4 weeks and I rate this moisturizer as excellent product because it is non sticky, It hydration effect last for almost whole day and what I like the most that it is fragrance free and suitable for my sensitive skin.



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